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Training Materials

Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling

Complete Guide to Police Cycling

The single most comprehensive source of in-depth information on starting a bike unit or enhancing an established bike unit with tactical and technical tips on everything from basic equipment needs to detailed insights on policy, maintenance, training, legal issues, and much more. This essential resource will guide public safety personnel and agencies seeking put the wheels of a public safety bike unit in motion! The Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling is the required text for all IPMBA Police, EMS, and Security Cyclist Courses.  Discounts available for bulk purchases.  

Jones and Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group
800-832-0034 / 978-443-5000 ext. 8197
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Fundamental Skills for Public Safety Cycling (23 minutes) [view video clip]

Skills Video

Designed to assist public safety cyclists in mastering the basics of safe cycling. Required viewing in all IPMBA Police, EMS, and Security Cyclist courses, this video introduces key principles and essential motor skills. The video is divided into the following chapters, easily accessible via the disc menu: Rider Inputs, Maximum Braking, Curb Ascents, Descents, Stair Ascents, Quick Turn, Rock Dodge, Vehicular Cycling, Wobble Lane, Speed Positioning Principle, Lane Positioning, Merging and Changing Lanes, and Group Riding.

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Instructor Toolkit CD-ROM

Instructor's Toolkit

This CD contains all materials necessary to conduct the IPMBA Police, EMS, and Security Cyclist Courses.  Includes Lecture Outlines, PowerPoint(R) Presentations, Skill Stations, Scenarios, Testing Materials, Administrative Items, and more. Purchase restricted to active, certified IPMBA Instructors. 

Price: $100.00 (IPMBA Instructors only)

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IPMBA Lapel Pin

1" round with Police, EMS, or Security Cyclist logo in blue cloissonne on gold or silver background.


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IPMBA Clothing & Logo Merchandise

2017 IPMBA Instructor Shirt
2017 IPMBA MTB Jersey​

2017 IPMBA Full Zip Jersey

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IPMBA Custom Badges


BikeStrong LLC (in partnership with Symbol Arts)
Jim Ruma
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IPMBA Bicycle Headbadge

IPMBA Headbadge

Revolution Cycle Jewelry
Jen Green
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Custom headbadges in silver ($100) or bronze ($75)