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Articles [ back to top ]

Building Up Your Bike School by Bob Hatcher

IPMBA Position Statement on Flat Pedals 2016

IPMBA Position Statement on Large Diameter Wheels 2009

Maximum Braking:  Move Back and Stay Back by Kirby Beck

K.I.S.S. It - Keep it Simple by Kirby Beck

More Miles Doesn't Mean Better Training by Kirby Beck

Putting Your Explorers on Bikes by James Englert

Spotting Drills for Safety by Kirby Beck and Mitch Trujillo

Fitness/Qualification Standards [ back to top ]

Chandler Police Department Bike Team Qualification Process by Scott Picquet

London Ambulance Service CRU Health & Fitness Screening by Tom Lynch

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) (PDF) by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Physical Standards for Police Cyclists by Dan Ganzel

Spring Tryouts:  Boston EMS by Neil Blackington

Three-Mile Time Trial by Bob Ricciardi

In-Service Training [ back to top ]

Building Training from Lessons Learned by Curtis Cope

Creating an Annual In-Service Training by Jeff Shari

Does Riding Off-Road Really Make You a Better Bike Cop? by Kathy Vonk

Getting Back to Basics:  In-Service Training by Mike Goetz

Innovative In-Service Training by Michael Gommer

In-Service Training - With a Twist! by Tom Woods

Quarterly In-Service Training Program by TR Smart

Training and Practice - Why Bother? by Michael Wear

Training Tools [ back to top ]

Building a Bicycle Training Obstacle Course Kit (PDF) by Denton Police Department

Design and Operation of a Mountain Bike Competition Course (PDF) by TJ Richardson

IPMBA Instructor to League Certified Instructor Application Form (PDF) by League of American Bicyclists

Sample Proposal for Responding to an RFP for Bicycle Response Team Training (Word Doc) by IPMBA

Sample Proposal for Responding to an RFP for Police, EMS, and/or Security Cyclist Training (Word Doc) by IPMBA

Stair Training Made Easier by Brian Gillman