Freeon Golf:  Stylish Shades from Rudy Project USA

Freeon Golf:  Stylish Shades from Rudy Project USA

by David Hildebrand, PCI #404T/EMSCI #118T
Denton (TX) Police Department
IPMBA President

It’s been a year now that I’ve been wearing my Rudy Project Freeon sunglasses and I think I’m familiar enough with them to present a well-informed evaluation.  I’ve worn them through cold and hot weather, as eye protection while shooting and cycling, and just while “styling”.  I have been very impressed with the materials and workmanship of these glasses.  They most definitely have been the best at staying put where I want them.  Even while pouring sweat during a HOT Texas summer ride, the glasses did not slide down my nose and have to be constantly pushed back into place.  I attribute this to not only the material construction of the temple and nose piece, but also to the fact that the temple pieces are adjustable.  The ends of the temple pieces are bendable so that they can be formed to fit to the wearer’s head.  The nose piece is also adjustable, so that the lens can be moved away from the wearer’s face to allow for air flow.  This has worked well for me although I still get some fogging in certain situations, not just cold related.  The design of the lens and temple pieces is such that there is no obstruction to my vision while performing rear scans, and yet there is ample coverage for my eyes.  The lens is also made in such an exacting manner that there is no visual distortion, even at the edge.  I LIKE that!

Now that I’ve told you about many of the good things, let me mention the bad (at least in my experience).  The Freeon is a full shield style of sunglass and this has proven to be a drawback.  The green lens that I wear most often due to its applicability to varied lighting situations is cracking at the center.  From what I can tell, the cracks are originating from where the lens was ground to create the nose arch.  I will be availing myself soon of Rudy Project’s replacement warranty to get a new lens.  I’ll let you know how that works out.  The full shield is also not available in the ImpactX lens technology which is touted to have ballistic abilities.  It is made from a high quality polycarbonate, which is not a bad thing in and of itself.

As it stands currently, these are my favorite glasses and probably the best I’ve ever worn.  That takes some doing as I was such a fan of the Smith Moab shields for so many years.  I would heartily recommend this to any cyclist who is looking for hard-working, cool-looking eyewear.

Rudy Project USA participates in IPMBA’s Product Purchase Program, offering 35% off retail.  Order through the website, www.rudyprojectusa.com, following the instructions in the PPP listing.

David Hildebrand is currently the Training Coordinator for the Denton Police Department.  He has been a firearms instructor since 1997 and a bike officer since 1996.  He currently serves on the IPMBA Board as President.  He can be reached at david.hildebrand@cityofdenton.com.

(c) 2009 IPMBA.  This product review appeared in the Winter 2009 issue of IPMBA News.

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