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Featured Videos

IPMBA Promotes the Use of Bikes for Public Safety

2015 IPMBA Keynote Address

Message from Denver Officer John Adsit, May 2015


IPMBA Training [ back to top ]

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, April 17, 2011; Topeka KS

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH (Channel 6)

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH (Channel 10)

IPMBA Instructor Course in Omaha, September 2, 2016; Omaha NE

At Training Seminar for Bike Patrol Officers, Police Find their Footing on Two Wheels, September 2, 2016; Omaha NE

Sarasota Medics Re-Learn to Ride Bicycles, June 9, 2015; Sarasota FL

South Bloomfield PD Officer Kersbergen in Bike Challenge, May 2008; Delaware OH

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IPMBA Conferences [ back to top

IPMBA 2016 in Asheville:  Interview with Sgt. Evan Coward, April 22, 2016; Asheville NC

International Police Mountain Bike Association Conference Held in Asheville, April 26, 2016; Asheville NC

2012 IPMBA Conference Videos by Troy Patterson
IPMBA Competition Course
IPMBA Police/EMS Cyclist Course
IPMBA Conference Highlights

IPMBA Competition 2010: Course Walkthrough

IPMBA Competition 2010: Shaums March

IPMBA Competition 2010: Erik Pearce

IPMBA Competition 2010

IPMBA Competition 2010: Jim Roy

IPMBA Competition 2010: Scott Goff

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Bike Cops in the News [ back to top ]

A New Way for Police to get to Emergencies, June 7, 2017; Glenwood Springs CO

Albany Police Department Patrol Neighborhoods on Bikes, October 10, 2013; Albany GA

Benton Bike Patrol Resumes after 12 Years, June 15, 2015; Benton AR

Bethlehem Bike Cops Arrest Suspect Near Playground, June 6, 2014; Bethlehem PA

Bike Cops Train for Hard Rides, May 26, 2009; Albuquerque NM

Bike Police Patrols Return to N. Providence, June 4, 2014; N. Providence RI

Bike Police Step Up Patrols after Assault in Martinsville, October 29, 2015; Martinsville VA

BRPD Turns Idea into Successful Beat for Downtown, November 15, 2013; Baton Rouge LA

Cape Coral Police Department to Restart Bike Unit, December 12, 2014; Cape Coral FL

Charlottesville Police Putting More Officers on Bikes, October 29, 2013; Charlottesville VA

Chicago Police Bike Patrols to Expand City-Wide, August 4, 2015; Chicago IL

Chippewa Falls Stepping up Bike Patrol, April 29, 2015; Chippewa Falls WI

Cleveland Police Union Says Officers Told to Buy their Own Gear; PD Denies It, May 13, 2016; Cleveland OH

Cops Compete in Two-Wheeled Competition, June 28, 2012; Amherst NY

Cops on Bikes Break Up Perth Street Brawl, July 1, 2017; Perth Australia

Cops on Bikes Fundraiser in Allentown, October 9, 2014; Allentown PA

DC Police Test Out Tough New Bikes, October 20, 2015; Washington DC

Detroit Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit Ramping Up for Summer Duty, May 19, 2016; Detroit MI

East Longmeadow Business Donates Bikes to Police, October 10, 2013; Springfield MA

Edmonton Cops Tackle the Snow on Two Wheels, February 21, 2015; Edmonton AB

Enforcement Numbers Grow for Duluth Bike Officers, July 19, 2012; Duluth MN

Greeley's bike patrol officers show the public police can laugh, be friendly even as they keep the city safe, August 4, 2016; Greeley

Hilliard Police training additional officers for bike patrol, August 29, 2016; Hilliard OH

How to Bicycle Like a Cop, September 30, 2015; Norwalk IA

I-Team: Cleveland police bike patrols will soon hit the neighborhood streets, July 22, 2016; Cleveland OH

IMPD officers go on bike patrols to keep families safe on Fourth of July, July 4, 2017; Indianapolis IN 

Invitation to bid on RNC police bikes requests specific bike model made in Seattle, March 2, 2016; Cleveland OH

Jeffersonville Police revamp bike patrol with grant money, January 5, 2016; Jeffersonville IN

Kingston Police Department Re-Establishes Its Bike Unit, July 6, 2012; Kingston NY

Local law enforcement officers vouch for police bikes sold in Northeast Ohio for RNC, March 3, 2016; Cleveland OH

Lowell Police Officer Insists On Outside Patrol Despite Arctic Temps, January 23, 2014; Boston MA

Man Shot Multiple Times by Officer during Confrontation in Orlando, July 19, 2014; Orlando FL

Milwaukee Hopes that Bike Cops can help Curb Gun Violence (radio), July 3, 2014; Milwaukee WI

Minneapolis Cops on Bikes Ride to Reach Out, June 7, 2017; Minneapolis MN

More Police Bike Patrols Coming to Columbus State this Fall, July 25, 2014; Columbus GA

Officers on Segways, Bikes, and Foot See Increase in Arrests, November 10, 2013; Frederick MD

Ottawa Police Bike Patrol Shows Off Its Pedal Power, July 3, 2014; Ottawa ON

Police Add Bike Patrols to Mall Parking Lots for Holiday Shopping Season, November 28, 2014; Indianapolis IN

Police Bicycle Patrol Pedals Ahead Despite Snow, Frigid Weather, January 18, 2014; Columbus OH

Police Bike Patrols More Visible in Downtown Cleveland, July 11, 2014; Cleveland OH

Police Put Bike Unit through Weeklong Training, August 14, 2013; Columbus OH

Police Start New Unit Downtown to Cruise for Crime, March 23, 2011; Wilmington NC

Police Target Downtown with More Officers on Bikes, July 26, 2011; Eugene OR

Police Train to Patrol Cape Coral Streets by Bicycle, November 28, 2014; Cape Coral FL

Ride Along with the MPD Bike Patrol, August 30, 2013; Minneapolis MN

Rockford Police Resume Bike Patrol after Two Year Hiatus, July 28, 2014; Rockford IL

SAPD Bike Patrol Plays Crucial Role During Fiesta, April 15, 2014; San Antonio TX

Seattle PD bike cops remain a leader nationally, June 15, 2016; Seattle WA

Tampa Police training teens to keep you safe during parade season, December 31, 2015; Tampa FL

Stockton Business Group Pays to Get Bike Police, June 9, 2012; Stockton CA

St. Paul PD Bike Patrol, August 13, 2008; St. Paul MN

Three Miami Officers on Bikes Injured after SUV Hits Them, September 30, 2011; Miami FL

Va. City Turns to Bikes to Save Money, May 28, 2008; Bedford VA

Watch Chicago Bike Officers Get Trained, October 28, 2014; Chicago IL

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Bike Medics in the News [ back to top ]

Apple Valley man upgraded after collapse at TC Marathon, October 6, 2014; Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN

Bicycle Unit Helps Keep Fair Patrons Safe, September 14, 2007; Oklahoma City OK

Big Day for Unique LAFD Medic Unit (download), October 2, 2014; Los Angeles CA (KNBC)

Bike EMTs Save Boston Marathon Runner, April 20, 2010; Boston MA (Also on CNN)

Cody's Westpark Hospital Starts Bicycle EMS, April 14, 2015; Cody WY

Cycling Paramedics Patrol Heathrow, August 22, 2009; London, England

Georgia Bike Medics Save Holiday Runner, December 3, 2013; Marietta GA

Innovation Challenge Prize Winner Tom Lynch, LAS CRU Founder, November 2013; London UK

IPMBA Instructor Scott Parrott Explains EMS Cycling, EMS Today, March 4, 2010; Baltimore , MD

Los Angeles City Fire Department's Bike Medic Program, January 19, 2010; Los Angeles CA

LA Marathon Heart Attack Survivor Speaks Out, April 22, 2014; Los Angeles CA

MedicWest Bike Team, November 2, 2009; Las Vegas NV (KLAS)

MedicWest Bike Team, November 2, 2009; Las Vegas NV (KVBC)

Paramedics Powered by Pedals, August 7, 2009; Edinburgh, Scotland

Paramedics Save Woman's Life at Taste of Chicago, 2009; Chicago IL

RAA Medics Learn Balance, Efficiency During Bike Training Ahead of UCI Race, May 15, 2015; Richmond VA

Sussex County Paramedics Pedal to the Rescue, July 8, 2010; Millsboro DE

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Bike Security in the News [ back to top ]

Agency Produced Videos [ back to top ]

Bicycle Police Training Video, July 10, 2007; Henderson NV

Bike Pursuit, April 11, 2007; Yuma AZ

Bowdoin Security Bike Patrol Climbs in Number, July 7, 2017; Brunswick ME

Irving, Texas, Police Department Bike Patrol, October 7, 2009; Irving TX

Police Mountain Bike Training Advantages, Hampshire Constabulary, October 6, 2006; Hampshire UK

Scottsdale Service on Spokes, May 31, 2017; Scottsdale AZ

Bicycle Response Teams [ back to top ]

Bicycle Response Teams in Action during the 2008 Republican National Convention, September 2008, St. Paul MN

How Police on Bikes Intercepted Anarchists, August 31, 2012; Tampa FL

May Day Mayhem, May 1, 2015; Seattle WA

Miami Bicycle Response Team Training, January 22, 2008; Miami FL

Protest Against Police Gets Pushy, March 15, 2011; Seattle WA

Saint Paul Prepares for the RNC, September 4, 2008; St. Paul MN
Minnesota Public Radio News: St. Paul Bike Cops - Part 1
Minnesota Public Radio News: St. Paul Bike Cops - Part 2

Seattle Police Department Evolves in Handling Protests that Turn Violent, November 25, 2014; Seattle WA

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Campus Operations [ back to top ]

Officers Go through Bicycle Patrol Training at the OU Police Dept., March 15, 2010; Norman, OK

Pedal Power: YSU Police Introduce Bike Patrol, July 10, 2012; Youngstown OH

VCU Cops Take Part in Bike Training, April 26, 2013; Richmond VA

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Caught on Camera [ back to top ]

Bike Cop Rides 145 Steps, October 8, 2008, St. Paul MN

German Bike Patrol, July 1, 2007

Subject Urinating into Gas Tank, April 24, 2008; Bloomsburg PA

Temple Bike Officers in an Altercation, January 25, 2015; Philadelphia PA

World Cup Arrest, July 6, 2010; The Hague, Netherlands

Community Outreach [ back to top ]

Bike to Work Day Denver 2010, June 23, 2010; Denver, Colorado

Community Ambassadors on Bike, May 27, 2007; Philadelphia PA

Ride with a Cop Neighborhood Bike Connection Program, April 21, 2010; Madison WI

Traffic Cop Turns Police Escort for Eighth-Grader, May 18, 2015; Arvada CO

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Bike Safety/Education/Enforcement [ back to top ]

League of American Bicyclists Ride Smart Videos

Police Bike Rodeo 2007, July 3, 2007; Clinton MI

Taos Police Department Bike Rodeo, November 6, 2006; Taos NM

Washburn University School of Nursing Helmet PSA, March 28, 2016; Topeka KS

Why a 14-year old Minneapolis Bike is glad he wore his helmet, April 23, 2015; Minneapolis MN

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Documentaries/Unit Profiles [ back to top ]

Bicycle Patrol Mini-Documentary by Chris Menton (mirrored at

Delaware, Ohio 10TV News Spends A Night on Bike Patrol, November 16, 2013; Delaware OH

Empowering Pedals, North Wales Police, U.K., December 10, 2007

Jeff Hoyne: Seattle Port Police Bike Patrol, Seattle WA

Kitsbow Goes to Kern County to Learn What Mountain Biking Means to BLM Ranger Brien Chartier, August 1, 2013; Kern County CA

MTV VJ Adam Curry rides with Las Vegas Metro Police (Subtitled in Dutch), December 27, 2006; Las Vegas NV

San Diego Police Department Bike Unit, September 12, 2013; San Diego CA

Seattle Police Department West Precinct (Downtown) Bike Unit, Seattle CityStream; Seattle WA

Sgt. Scott Picquet Discusses Bike Patrol, the IPMBA Conference, and Riding the Tour Divide, October 16, 2014; Chandler AZ

Sudbury Northern Life highlights Sudbury's Community Response Unit, May 7, 2009; Sudbury ON Canada

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In the Line of Duty [ back to top ]

National Geographic Channel Explores Alcohol-Related Violence, July 24, 2012; Scottsdale AZ

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IPMBA YouTube Channel and Other Collections  [ back to top ]

IPMBA YouTube Channel Video Channel

VidGrids:  Patrol Bikes