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Featured Videos

IPMBA Promotes the Use of Bikes for Public Safety

2015 IPMBA Keynote Address

Message from Denver Officer John Adsit, May 2015

IPMBA Training [ back to top ]

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, April 17, 2011; Topeka KS

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH (Channel 6)

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course, August 13, 2008; Delaware OH (Channel 10)

IPMBA Instructor Course in Omaha, September 2, 2016; Omaha NE

At Training Seminar for Bike Patrol Officers, Police Find their Footing on Two Wheels, September 2, 2016; Omaha NE

Bike Strong training more officers to police on bikes, April 28, 2018; Lyndhurst OH

Sarasota Medics Re-Learn to Ride Bicycles, June 9, 2015; Sarasota FL

South Bloomfield PD Officer Kersbergen in Bike Challenge, May 2008; Delaware OH

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IPMBA Conferences [ back to top

IPMBA 2018 in Saint Louis Conference Highlights (playing above), June 8, 2018 

Hundreds of Police Bike Officers Roll into Saint Louis for Conference, June 7, 2018; Saint Louis MO

IPMBA 2016 in Asheville:  Interview with Sgt. Evan Coward, April 22, 2016; Asheville NC

International Police Mountain Bike Association Conference Held in Asheville, April 26, 2016; Asheville NC

2012 IPMBA Conference Videos by Troy Patterson
IPMBA Competition Course
IPMBA Police/EMS Cyclist Course
IPMBA Conference Highlights

IPMBA Competition 2010: Course Walkthrough

IPMBA Competition 2010: Shaums March

IPMBA Competition 2010: Erik Pearce

IPMBA Competition 2010

IPMBA Competition 2010: Jim Roy

IPMBA Competition 2010: Scott Goff

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Bike Cops in the News [ back to top ]

A New Way for Police to get to Emergencies, June 7, 2017; Glenwood Springs CO

Albany Police Department Patrol Neighborhoods on Bikes, October 10, 2013; Albany GA

Auburn Bike Officers Save A Life, January 11, 2019; Auburn WA

Benton Bike Patrol Resumes after 12 Years, June 15, 2015; Benton AR

Bethlehem Bike Cops Arrest Suspect Near Playground, June 6, 2014; Bethlehem PA

Bicycle Officers Help Police Connect with Linden Residents, May 8, 2018; Columbus OH

Bike Cops Train for Hard Rides, May 26, 2009; Albuquerque NM

Bike Police Patrols Return to N. Providence, June 4, 2014; N. Providence RI

Bike Police Step Up Patrols after Assault in Martinsville, October 29, 2015; Martinsville VA

Boise Bike Officer Pedals Towards 100,000 Miles on the Job, February 4, 2019; Boise ID

Boston Police Step Up Bike Patrols after Shootings, July 12, 2018; Boston MA

BRPD Turns Idea into Successful Beat for Downtown, November 15, 2013; Baton Rouge LA

Cape Coral Police Department to Restart Bike Unit, December 12, 2014; Cape Coral FL

Charlottesville Police Putting More Officers on Bikes, October 29, 2013; Charlottesville VA

Chicago Police Bike Patrols to Expand City-Wide, August 4, 2015; Chicago IL

Chicago Police Department Adds Bike Patrols, May 8, 2018; Chicago IL

Chippewa Falls Stepping up Bike Patrol, April 29, 2015; Chippewa Falls WI

Cleveland Police Union Says Officers Told to Buy their Own Gear; PD Denies It, May 13, 2016; Cleveland OH

Cops Compete in Two-Wheeled Competition, June 28, 2012; Amherst NY

Cops on Bikes Break Up Perth Street Brawl, July 1, 2017; Perth Australia

Cops on Bikes Fundraiser in Allentown, October 9, 2014; Allentown PA

DC Police Test Out Tough New Bikes, October 20, 2015; Washington DC

Detroit Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit Ramping Up for Summer Duty, May 19, 2016; Detroit MI

East Longmeadow Business Donates Bikes to Police, October 10, 2013; Springfield MA

Edmonton Cops Tackle the Snow on Two Wheels, February 21, 2015; Edmonton AB

Enforcement Numbers Grow for Duluth Bike Officers, July 19, 2012; Duluth MN

Greeley's bike patrol officers show the public police can laugh, be friendly even as they keep the city safe, August 4, 2016; Greeley

Hilliard Police training additional officers for bike patrol, August 29, 2016; Hilliard OH

How to Bicycle Like a Cop, September 30, 2015; Norwalk IA

I-Team: Cleveland police bike patrols will soon hit the neighborhood streets, July 22, 2016; Cleveland OH

IMPD officers go on bike patrols to keep families safe on Fourth of July, July 4, 2017; Indianapolis IN 

Invitation to bid on RNC police bikes requests specific bike model made in Seattle, March 2, 2016; Cleveland OH

Jeffersonville Police revamp bike patrol with grant money, January 5, 2016; Jeffersonville IN

Kingsport Police officers undergo bike patrol training; police hope to reduce crime; July 28, 2017; Kingsport TN

Kingston Police Department Re-Establishes Its Bike Unit, July 6, 2012; Kingston NY

Local law enforcement officers vouch for police bikes sold in Northeast Ohio for RNC, March 3, 2016; Cleveland OH

Lowell Police Officer Insists On Outside Patrol Despite Arctic Temps, January 23, 2014; Boston MA

Man Shot Multiple Times by Officer during Confrontation in Orlando, July 19, 2014; Orlando FL

Milwaukee Hopes that Bike Cops can help Curb Gun Violence (radio), July 3, 2014; Milwaukee WI

Minneapolis Cops on Bikes Ride to Reach Out, June 7, 2017; Minneapolis MN

More Police Bike Patrols Coming to Columbus State this Fall, July 25, 2014; Columbus GA

Officers on Segways, Bikes, and Foot See Increase in Arrests, November 10, 2013; Frederick MD

Ottawa Police Bike Patrol Shows Off Its Pedal Power, July 3, 2014; Ottawa ON

Panama City Police Department Uses Bikes to Check on Residents after Hurricane Michael, November 8, 2018; Panama City FL

Pittsburg Brings Back Bike Cops, June 28, 2018; Pittsburg KS

Police Add Bike Patrols to Mall Parking Lots for Holiday Shopping Season, November 28, 2014; Indianapolis IN

Police Bicycle Patrol Pedals Ahead Despite Snow, Frigid Weather, January 18, 2014; Columbus OH

Police Bike Patrols More Visible in Downtown Cleveland, July 11, 2014; Cleveland OH

Police Put Bike Unit through Weeklong Training, August 14, 2013; Columbus OH

Police Start New Unit Downtown to Cruise for Crime, March 23, 2011; Wilmington NC

Police Target Downtown with More Officers on Bikes, July 26, 2011; Eugene OR

Police Train to Patrol Cape Coral Streets by Bicycle, November 28, 2014; Cape Coral FL

Ride Along with the MPD Bike Patrol, August 30, 2013; Minneapolis MN

Riding with the Toledo Police Bike Squad, June 28, 2018; Toledo OH

Rockford Police Resume Bike Patrol after Two Year Hiatus, July 28, 2014; Rockford IL

SAPD Bike Patrol Plays Crucial Role During Fiesta, April 15, 2014; San Antonio TX

Seattle PD bike cops remain a leader nationally, June 15, 2016; Seattle WA

Castle Rock police bike unit continues giving back to community, September 16, 2018, Castle Rock CO

Tampa Police training teens to keep you safe during parade season, December 31, 2015; Tampa FL

Stockton Business Group Pays to Get Bike Police, June 9, 2012; Stockton CA

St. Paul PD Bike Patrol, August 13, 2008; St. Paul MN

Three Miami Officers on Bikes Injured after SUV Hits Them, September 30, 2011; Miami FL

Va. City Turns to Bikes to Save Money, May 28, 2008; Bedford VA

Watch Chicago Bike Officers Get Trained, October 28, 2014; Chicago IL

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Bike Medics in the News [ back to top ]

Apple Valley man upgraded after collapse at TC Marathon, October 6, 2014; Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN

Bicycle Unit Helps Keep Fair Patrons Safe, September 14, 2007; Oklahoma City OK

Big Day for Unique LAFD Medic Unit (download), October 2, 2014; Los Angeles CA (KNBC)

Bike EMTs Save Boston Marathon Runner, April 20, 2010; Boston MA (Also on CNN)

Bike Medics Speed to Help at Airport, October 20, 2017; Los Angeles CA

Cody's Westpark Hospital Starts Bicycle EMS, April 14, 2015; Cody WY

Cycling Paramedics Patrol Heathrow, August 22, 2009; London, England

Georgia Bike Medics Save Holiday Runner, December 3, 2013; Marietta GA

Innovation Challenge Prize Winner Tom Lynch, LAS CRU Founder, November 2013; London UK

IPMBA Instructor Scott Parrott Explains EMS Cycling, EMS Today, March 4, 2010; Baltimore , MD

Los Angeles City Fire Department's Bike Medic Program, January 19, 2010; Los Angeles CA

LA Marathon Heart Attack Survivor Speaks Out, April 22, 2014; Los Angeles CA

MedicWest Bike Team, November 2, 2009; Las Vegas NV (KLAS)

MedicWest Bike Team, November 2, 2009; Las Vegas NV (KVBC)

Paramedics Powered by Pedals, August 7, 2009; Edinburgh, Scotland

Paramedics Save Woman's Life at Taste of Chicago, 2009; Chicago IL

RAA Medics Learn Balance, Efficiency During Bike Training Ahead of UCI Race, May 15, 2015; Richmond VA

Sussex County Paramedics Pedal to the Rescue, July 8, 2010; Millsboro DE

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Bike Security in the News [ back to top ]

Bowdoin Security Bike Patrol Climbs in Number, July 7, 2017; Brunswick ME

Agency Produced Videos [ back to top ]

Bicycle Police Training Video, July 10, 2007; Henderson NV

Bike Pursuit, April 11, 2007; Yuma AZ

Bowdoin Security Bike Patrol Climbs in Number, July 7, 2017; Brunswick ME

Irving, Texas, Police Department Bike Patrol, October 7, 2009; Irving TX

Police Mountain Bike Training Advantages, Hampshire Constabulary, October 6, 2006; Hampshire UK

Scottsdale Service on Spokes, May 31, 2017; Scottsdale AZ

Bicycle Response Teams [ back to top ]

Bicycle Response Teams in Action during the 2008 Republican National Convention, September 2008, St. Paul MN

Demonstrators and police square off, but cool heads prevail in peaceful march for Tensing retrial, July 8, 2017; Cincinnati OH

How Police on Bikes Intercepted Anarchists, August 31, 2012; Tampa FL

May Day Mayhem, May 1, 2015; Seattle WA

Miami Bicycle Response Team Training, January 22, 2008; Miami FL

Philadelphia Bike Officers Roll Out for Superbowl Celebration, February 4, 2018; Philadelphia PA

Protest Against Police Gets Pushy, March 15, 2011; Seattle WA

Saint Paul Prepares for the RNC, September 4, 2008; St. Paul MN
Minnesota Public Radio News: St. Paul Bike Cops - Part 1
Minnesota Public Radio News: St. Paul Bike Cops - Part 2

Seattle Police Department Evolves in Handling Protests that Turn Violent, November 25, 2014; Seattle WA

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Campus Operations [ back to top ]

Officers Go through Bicycle Patrol Training at the OU Police Dept., March 15, 2010; Norman, OK

Pedal Power: YSU Police Introduce Bike Patrol, July 10, 2012; Youngstown OH

VCU Cops Take Part in Bike Training, April 26, 2013; Richmond VA

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Caught on Camera [ back to top ]

Bike Cop Rides 145 Steps, October 8, 2008, St. Paul MN

German Bike Patrol, July 1, 2007

Subject Urinating into Gas Tank, April 24, 2008; Bloomsburg PA

Temple Bike Officers in an Altercation, January 25, 2015; Philadelphia PA

World Cup Arrest, July 6, 2010; The Hague, Netherlands

Community Outreach [ back to top ]

Bike to Work Day Denver 2010, June 23, 2010; Denver, Colorado

Community Ambassadors on Bike, May 27, 2007; Philadelphia PA

Ride with a Cop Neighborhood Bike Connection Program, April 21, 2010; Madison WI

Traffic Cop Turns Police Escort for Eighth-Grader, May 18, 2015; Arvada CO

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Bike Safety/Education/Enforcement [ back to top ]

Cycling Savvy's Cycling Law Page

Cycling Savvy Silent Vehicular Cycling Video

League of American Bicyclists Ride Smart Videos

Police Bike Rodeo 2007, July 3, 2007; Clinton MI

Taos Police Department Bike Rodeo, November 6, 2006; Taos NM

Washburn University School of Nursing Helmet PSA, March 28, 2016; Topeka KS

Why a 14-year old Minneapolis Bike is glad he wore his helmet, April 23, 2015; Minneapolis MN

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Documentaries/Unit Profiles [ back to top ]

Bicycle Patrol Mini-Documentary by Chris Menton (mirrored at

Delaware, Ohio 10TV News Spends A Night on Bike Patrol, November 16, 2013; Delaware OH

Empowering Pedals, North Wales Police, U.K., December 10, 2007

Jeff Hoyne: Seattle Port Police Bike Patrol, Seattle WA

Kitsbow Goes to Kern County to Learn What Mountain Biking Means to BLM Ranger Brien Chartier, August 1, 2013; Kern County CA

MTV VJ Adam Curry rides with Las Vegas Metro Police (Subtitled in Dutch), December 27, 2006; Las Vegas NV

San Diego Police Department Bike Unit, September 12, 2013; San Diego CA

Seattle Police Department West Precinct (Downtown) Bike Unit, Seattle CityStream; Seattle WA

Sgt. Scott Picquet Discusses Bike Patrol, the IPMBA Conference, and Riding the Tour Divide, October 16, 2014; Chandler AZ

Sudbury Northern Life highlights Sudbury's Community Response Unit, May 7, 2009; Sudbury ON Canada

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In the Line of Duty [ back to top ]

National Geographic Channel Explores Alcohol-Related Violence, July 24, 2012; Scottsdale AZ

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IPMBA YouTube Channel and Other Collections  [ back to top ]

IPMBA YouTube Channel Video Channel

VidGrids:  Patrol Bikes