IPMBA Training Class Details

IPMBA Police Cyclist Course - San Antonio, TX Mon, June 02, 2014 — Fri, June 06, 2014

Course Location/Facility Name: San Antonio Police Academy

Address: 12200 Se Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78221 US

Event Description:

Be prepared for the street! This essential training combines Emergency Vehicle Operations for bike officers with patrol procedures, tactics, night operations, scenarios, and basic bike maintenance and on-the-road repairs. Learn to ride like a pro, avoid crashes, and use your bike to foil the bad guys every time. Off-road riding and bike-specific live-fire exercises may be added at the instructor’s discretion.

Curriculum Overview: Police Cyclist Course Curriculum Overview

Prerequisites: Law enforcement officer; basic bicycle-handling skills; good physical condition

Required Equipment: Police Cyclist Course Equipment List

Testing Procedure: Written and practical

Certification: IPMBA Police Cyclist Certification is available to licensed law enforcement officers who successfully complete the practical test, earn a score of 76% or better on the written test, become members of IPMBA, and submit applications for certification accompanied by the appropriate fee.

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The IPMBA Police Cyclist Course

Tuition: $250.00

Instructor Name: Steven Bazany PCI #734, Chris Timmer PCI #1387, Tim Garcia, PCI #972

Event Schedule/Agenda: Class starts Monday at 0800hrs at the San Antonio Police Academy Main Building Room 104. This is located at 12200 Se Loop 410, San Antonio, TX. 78221. Officers will need to bring 50 rounds of ammo with them for the firearms portion of the class along with weapon, 3 mags and duty belt. Mandatory equipment required for the first day: Mountain bike in A-1 condition, equipped with bike bag and pedal retention device; 2 water bottles and water bottle cages on bicycle; Shorts & T-shirt (dress for weather conditions); Helmet, cycling gloves, eye protection (shatter proof lenses, both dark and clear). There will be 2 off road rides along with 2 road rides during the week. If you are not a seasoned cyclist, you may want to invest in padded cycling shorts to reduce the discomfort of long rides.

Registration Contact Information: Chris Timmer, Tim Garcia Phone: (Chris) 210-454-7608 or (Tim) 210-897-9462
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Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 11400 SE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX. 78221; (210) 293-5800;  $106.00 + tax

Additional Info:

This is a 40-hour IPMBA course that will earn the officer TCOLE hours. We ask each officer to complete a PT test prior to the start of each school. This test consists of a 5 mile ride in 23 minutes or less, sit-ups, push-ups & sit-and-reach. If you are unable to attend the PT test please contact the officers to make arrangements to have you complete this at your department. Additional information will be provided when you contact Officer Garcia or Timmer.