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RAND Brands:  Do it with Momentum!

RAND Brands:  Do it with Momentum!

by Michael Salvatore
Westport (CT) EMS

As a long time paramedic, gun enthusiast, and IPMBA member, I felt compelled to share with you some information regarding a new company that I have been introduced to and become involved with.  RAND Brands is a nanotechnology company based in Westport CT and manufacturing in Bridgeport CT.  RAND has developed a series of lubricant products that I am confident will be extremely useful to all IPMBA members.

As an active member of the Westport Police Department Division of EMS Bike Unit, I was approached to test RAND MOMENTUM, a nanotech product, lubricant and cleaner for bicycles.  I am a very skeptical person and put the product through my version of a torture test.

I applied it to bicycles that we were using in various training conditions, including sand, water, and mud.  I was shocked to see that those areas of the bikes treated with RAND MOMENTUM showed no signs of wear and tear.  The gears still worked perfectly and the accumulated dirt and grime came off immediately.  In fact, it was easy to see the difference between and untreated areas.  In addition, there was no run-off of the product onto our clothing or panniers.  The rest of the team members were equally shocked by the results, which is why I am writing this product review – “something I have never done before.”

As a gun enthusiast, I also tested the RAND CLP all-in-one gun cleaner, lubricant and protectant.  I was very impressed with the results.  Several of us ran the weapons through their paces and came out dirtier than our guns.

RAND products are not chemicals.  They are nano-particles, or miniscule versions of elements that occur in nature.  They are all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, odorless, and safe for use on all metals, polymers, and woods.  For an explanation of how they work, I have included a quote from their website:  The particles in our product are engineered to fill in naturally occurring divots and cavities in metal surfaces.  When seen under an electron microscope, metal is serrated and looks more like a mountain range than a level surface.  The grating of these surfaces (metal on metal) is what causes friction and heat.  Heat causes lubrications to burn off.  Heat causes energy loss.  By “resurfacing” the metal with our tiny nanoparticles, we cut way down on friction (the lowest recorded test results) so that your engine, manufacturing equipment, or bicycle chain works a lot better.  If you are really interested, you can also read about the friction tests they conducted and find other technical information on the website.

I decided to give a few samples to Ronald Kalomeris, IPMBA PCI#1092, from the Englewood (NJ) Police Department to see what type results he would have.  This is what he had to say.

“I used this product during a class I taught in Concord NH, this summer and I have never come across anything that parallels the quality, longevity and sustainability of RAND MOMENTUM. 

IPMBA Instructors are particularly aware that students often come to bike classes with bikes that have been sitting in a garage or storage area for months, or sometimes years.  Maintaining the bikes is not a priority until the agency decides to start or reactivate a bike unit.  These bikes sometimes have rusted chains and skipping gears as the result of disuse or poor maintenance practices.

I applied the RAND MOMENTUM to these bikes, allowing the nanotechnology to work its way into the chain and cogs.  I wiped off all the excess grease and dirt from the chain, bringing the chain back to life.  Once this product worked its way into the chain and cogs, there was no more skipping of gears and the gears were able to switch smoothly, with no hesitation.

I have used many of the other lubricants, degreasers, and cleaners currently on the market, and am personally convinced that by far this is the best product on the market.  I would recommend it to all.”

I’ve also sent some samples to IPMBA Instructor Gerard Robinson of the London Heathrow Cycle Response Unit, as I believe it will help solve the problem of carpet fibers clogging chains faced by airport bike teams and others operating in indoor environments.

For more information about RAND brands, visit www.randbrands.com or contact Donna Hardy at 203-226-8727 x 204 or donna@randinnovations.com.

Michael was certified as an IPMBA EMS Cyclist at the 2011 IPMBA Conference in Richmond.  After experiencing the quality of RAND, he is now a rep.  He can be reached at mike.salvatore@me.com.

(c) 2013 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of IPMBA News

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  • John Doe

    Stuff is amazing if interested in trying it out let me know . The first time I used this I noticed the diffrence immediately . Now proud to say I am currently working as New Jersey territorial manger for Rand and in my short time with this company . I have brought this product into many bicycle stores here in NJ.

    09:28pm, 10/23/2013

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