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Ergon GP1 Handgrips:  Get a Grip

Ergon GP1 Handgrips:  Get a Grip

by Erik Yamada, PCI # 276/EMSCI #014
Bloomington (IL) Police Department

For years, I have had to continually adjust and readjust my hand positions on the handlebars and bar ends because of numbness in my hands and wrists.  Although I enjoy keeping active and healthy, this has been one of the few not-so-fun aspects of bicycling for me.

I just happened to be teaching an IPMBA Police Cyclist Course with Sergeant Charlie Summers when he showed me a set of ergonomic grips manufactured by a company named Ergon.  The grips definitely looked different than any I had ever seen, and I was intrigued.  When Charlie asked if I wanted to try them out, I thought, “why not?”

Upon further research, I learned that the grips are made of lightweight rubber which, combined with a carbon clamp, allows for 100% contact of hand and grip.  This is accomplished through Ergon’s anatomically optimized grip shape.

I can honestly say the grips have changed my riding experience in the most positive way.  Immediately, the numbness in my hands and wrists was gone.  All you have to do is adjust the grips to the desired position and enjoy the ride. This eliminates the amount of pressure on the inner palm, where the pain often begins.  I have used these grips ever since and they are perfect for long days spent out on patrol. 

I would recommend them to anyone, but especially to those with hand and wrist issues. 

Thanks to Ergon for the great product, and for offering IPMBA members 35% off on grips, backpacks, and tools.  Visit www.ergon-bike.com for a complete product catalog, and contact Jeff Neal at 323-428-3495 or Jeffrey@ergon-bike.com for your IPMBA Product Purchase Program discount.

Officer Yamada has been with the Bloomington, IL, Police Department for 16 years.  He has been an IPMBA Police Cyclist Instructor for 13 years and an EMSCI for 11 years.  He is a member of the Industry Liaison Committee and can be reached at yamadace@msn.com.

© 2010 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of IPMBA News.

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