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Epic Action Cam:  Relive the Rush

Epic Action Cam:  Relive the Rush

by Matt Smyer
East Baton Rouge (LA) EMS

I recently had the opportunity to use the Epic camera while working some details, including Super Bowl XLVII, on February 3, 2013, at the New Orleans Superdome. 

Epic is a very lightweight camera with a variety of durable mounts that can be used on the bike or on the body.  I rode with it mounted on my helmet, first directly on a mount, and then using the adjustable arm.  The instructions were easy to follow for mounting and using the camera.  The camera only has four buttons arranged in a diamond shape, so you can easily turn it on/off and start/stop recording without taking it off your helmet.  It was very easy to connect to a computer and download videos.  The high definition video quality is excellent. 

The sound quality is also very good with the exception of windy conditions. 

I found two downfalls to the camera.  First, the company recommends using lithium ion batteries, which are considerably more expensive than standard batteries.  Standard batteries will only record for about five minutes before dying; in contrast, I was able to get approximately three hours of video while using lithium ion batteries.  Secondly, because the Epic does not have a view screen, it takes some trial and error to get the correct angle for what you are trying to capture.  Initially, the angle of the camera was slightly off, and I got several videos of the ground three feet in front of my bike.  While using the adjustable arm I took several trial rides before finding the right angle; each time having to return to a computer, upload the video and review it to make changes in the positioning. 

Overall, I believe the camera is excellent in video quality and instruction; however, it was difficult to obtain the correct field of view with the initial installation.  With practice and by becoming familiar with the camera’s field of view, I am confident that viewers will be able to utilize the videos for education and practical use.

GSM Outdoors, the makers of Epic Action Cams and other products, participates in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, offering 5% off master dealer prices.  Visit http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/epic/ for more information or to purchase.  Contact Eric Castro at ecastro@gsmoutdoors.com or 469-586-0423 with any questions. 

Matt Smyer, NREMTP, is a Unit Commander for East Baton Rouge Parish EMS.  He was certified as an EMS Cyclist in 2001 and has taken the IPMBA Maintenance Officer Course as well as the IPMBA EMS Cyclist II Course.  He was a key member of the 2013 IPMBA Conference Command Staff.  He can be reached at msmyer@brgov.com.

(c) 2013 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of IPMBA News. 

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