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Code 3 Max Patrol 600

Code 3 Max Patrol 600

by Ben
Somewhere in California

I am a volunteer mountain bike patrol officer for a local regional park system.  The regional park that I usually patrol is considered an expert-level mountain bike park.  From rocks and ruts to smooth, fast fire road conditions, I subject my mountain bike equipment to a complete workout.  This is my experience with the Code 3 Maxpatrol-600 after about a week.

Build quality is first rate.  The light is very bright.  I used my light meter and the light is totally underrated.  Low beam is around 400 lumens and high beam is around 1000 lumens.  The flashing red/blue lights can be very easily seen, even in daylight.  I had people comment that the lights can be easily seen more than 1/8th of a mile away.  This light is very effective.  A driver of a speeding car immediately stopped when I used the flashing lights in the daytime.  I never had this response with any other light, including the ones made by Lightman and Niterider.  At night, this light is amazing.  On high, I have been in pursuit going in excess of 30 mph downhill and never felt that I could outrun this light.  It puts my current Cygolite TridenX 600 lumen light to shame.  The beam pattern is excellent.  Great hotspot with plenty of spill to easily light a fire road and take tight turns with confidence.  My helmet light didn’t seem to be that effective even though it is a 350 lumen light that I use for tight turns.  

Weight of the overall system I measured out to be 484 grams.  That is just barely over one pound.  Installation was a breeze.  The headlight uses a solid adjustable screw mount.  The light switch uses a rubber O-ring and can be easily mounted anywhere on the handlebar or stem.  The battery pack uses a heavy-duty case which has a Velcro strap for frame attachment.

Overall, this is, by far, the best lighting system for law enforcement and special patrols that I have ever used.  The others either cost more, weigh more, or take up quite a bit of room on your handlebars.  This one only takes up room of one typical bike light but offers both a high output bike light and flashing lights in one small package.  I highly recommend it anyone seeking a compact, but very effective bike/pursuit light package.  

The Code 3 Maxpatrol-600 is available from IPMBA Corporate Member Police Bike Store (www.policebikestore.com).  Enter coupon code maxipmba at checkout for 10% off.  Police Bike Store also participates in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, offering 5-10% off published prices.  Contact Michael at info@policebikestore.com or 973-366-5868. 

Not long after I shared my initial comments with you, I was involved in a major medical rescue.  Someone accidentally fell into a gully that was 20 feet deep.  I used your Maxpatrol light to quickly come to the aid of the victim.  Everyone got out of my way and the bystanders aiding the victim were glad to see me.  I had to call in for medical support.  The lights were so bright that the first responders commented that they saw me from a distance to determine where the victim was.  The two helicopter units in the sky commented that they saw my blinking lights.  Yes, even several hundred feet in the air at around 5:30pm, they saw the lights.  Two of my officers commented that they were impressed with your lights; they, too, saw me from a distance.  I just wanted to let you know that your lights have really made my job much easier and how really helpful they have been.

Ben is a volunteer patrol officer in the State of California who has asked that his identity and agency be kept confidential.

(c) 2012 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of IPMBA News. 

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