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AHHHHH!!!!! No More Numbness!

by Mo Ibrahim, PCI #1326-B/EMSCI #321-B
Metropolitan (DC) Police Department

How many times do you pedal your bike, then coast, and then get up off the saddle?  Those few seconds of relief are great, right?  What if you could feel that blood flow and relief while on your saddle?   

I work full-time as a Mountain Bike Tactical Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.  The Nation’s Capital is a great place to be a bicycle officer.  You know what isn’t great?  The numbness I used to feel while riding my bike.  I have been riding for the last seven years.  That is way too many years to feel numbness in my lower body.  In order to keep riding for years to come, I needed a better solution.  I needed a saddle that would eliminate the pain, and help me enjoy my time patrolling. 

At my last IPMBA conference, I visited the Exhibit Hall, which has a lot of great products for public safety cyclists.  What caught my eye was the ISM Saddles booth.  Laura, who is the Strategic Commander for ISM, introduced me to her products.  I was very interested in a new saddle, but wondered if it would really make a difference.  I decided to try one out, figuring it couldn’t be any worse than what I have been feeling for the last couple years.

The ISM Peak PM 2.0 is a KEEPER!  This is my new mountain bike saddle.  I don’t want to ride my bike with any other saddle.  This saddle is designed to help with the blood flow to your lower body.  I cannot believe the relief I am feeling.  I can finally patrol, and focus on my job, as opposed to riding and frequently having to get up off the saddle. 

Remember, the most important point of contact of a mountain bike is the saddle.  We teach this in our IPMBA Basic class, so why not put it into practice?  I will not ride my bike without this saddle, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who puts in a lot of miles on a bike, either on- or off-duty.   

Mo has been on the MPD’s Mountain Bike Tactical Unit for seven years, and has used the mountain bike during many operations.  He has patrolled on bike during the day shift, where burglaries were on the rise, and during the evening hours, when robberies and thefts were also increasing.  He has worked the last two Presidential Inaugurations on the bike.  He taught the Bicycle Response Team Training and a Nightlife District Operations and Tactics workshop at the 25th Annual IPMBA Conference in Chandler, Arizona.  He can be reached at Mohamed.ibrahim@dc.gov.

(c) 2016 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of IPMBA News.

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