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ProGold: Lubes that Work

by Matthew Worm, PCI #946, Omaha (NE) Police Department 

Having been involved with recreational and professional cycling for many years, I have witnessed the many evolutions of bicycle lubricants. It really did start many years ago in my garage with a hand-me-down dirt bike from my brother and a can of the WD stuff. “All you have to do is spray that on the chain,” he said. Well, that is what I did for many years until I found my dad’s oil can. Next thing I knew, I had oil dripping from the chain, leaving a trail of environmental hazard from my driveway to the dirt pile.

Then I matured and bought nice bikes from nice bike shops. Those shop guys hooked me with expensive concoctions for every condition imaginable. I even remember melting cans of wax on the stove and dipping chains into the murky mixture. Next I found the dry waxes and the Teflon stuff and then decided to get the standard bottle of basic (wet) lubricant that was in the ten dollar range.

Up until the last few years I would buy that basic bottle of lubricant for my personal use and for departmental use. All that changed for me when I attended the IPMBA MOCC course and was introduced to PROGOLD Lubricants.

The first PROGOLD product I used was the EPX Cycle Grease in the 3-ounce tube, the “red stuff.” I was impressed the ease of use thanks to the applicator tube that allowed me to put the grease where I wanted it. The only drawback to the tube is that it was sometimes difficult to squeeze the grease though the tube. PROGOLD does offer the grease packed in a bottle, syringe and the tube. After performing several bike builds and overhauls, I have been impressed to see that the red grease is the same shade of red as when I first applied it and that all of the moving parts have been adequately protected. The PROGOLD grease is now my standard for both professional and personal applications.

Next I picked up the four-ounce bottle of PROGOLD Pro Link and Extreme Chain Lube. Once I figured out there is a little red stopper in the cap I was good to go. The lubricant bottle has an applicator that is easy to control and allows me to put that recommended one drop to each link. I immediately noticed that the lubricant coats the pins and rollers and gets into the outer and inner plates. The Extreme Chain Lube does not leave drippy, dirt-attracting residue, and after a quick wipe-down, the chain is ready for miles of abuse. The PROGOLD Pro Link and Extreme Chain Lube is now my “go-to” lubricant. It is handy that there are size options for purchasing PROGOLD Extreme Chain Lube. I love the .5 ounce applicator that fits in my tool kit for long, multi-day dusty trail rides, and the refillable Luber Pen for the “working in the shop” days.

I have also made good use of the many PROGOLD bicycle cleaning products that are available. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the shine of your bike, you can choose from the PROGOLD DeGreaser and Wash, Bike Wash and Bike Shine. I have to admit that I get lazy and do not wash my bike as often as I should. But, when I do, the PROGOLD Bike Wash cuts through the mess and leaves a shiny finish that is protected from the elements.

Just last year I was introduced to PROGOLD’s MFR-7 gun lubricant and was just as impressed with this product as I have been with the cycling products. Being a full-time Police Cyclist, my weapon and I are exposed to all the elements that Mother Nature can dish out. MFR-7 has kept my duty gun, rifle, back-up guns, POV guns and all the guns strategically located about my residence clean and in perfect working order.

In closing, and as an IPMBA Police Cyclist Instructor, firearms Instructor, full-time police cyclist and an avid recreational rider, I can confidently say that PROGOLD products are my go to brand for “all” my lubricating needs.

PROGOLD participates in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, offering 30-40% off retail.  Visit www.progoldmfr.com for more information and to purchase.  

Matt is an IPMBA instructor and bicycle patrol officer with the Omaha Police Department. He organizes department bicycle-related purchases and repairs. Matt has been a patrol officer for 15 years and currently serves on the IPMBA Industry Relations Committee. He can be reached at matthew.worm@cityofomaha.org

(c) 2014 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of IPMBA News. 

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