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Administration [ back to top ]

Bike Patrol, Health & Safety:  Equipment Implications by Mitch Trujillo and Donald Reed

IPMBA EMS Bike Team Model Policies & Procedures (PDF), by IPMBA

No-Nose Saddles for Preventing Genital Numbness and Sexual Dysfunction from Occupational Bicycling (PDF) by NIOSH

EMS Bicycle Operations [ back to top ]

Bike Medics in Action at the 2008 DNC by Kyle Roodberg

Denver Health Paramedic Division All-Terrain Medical Unit by Kyle Roodberg

EMS:  Back to Basics-A Guide to Getting Started by Drew Fried

EMS Backpack Position Paper by IPMBA (PDF)

EMS Equipment:  What to Carry on Your Bike by Marc Zingarelli

Fremont's Bike Medic Program Profile by Jeff Youngsma and Darryl Lorenzi

How to Start a Bike Medic Team by Robert Dunivin

London Ambulance Service Cycle Response Unit Pilot by Tom Lynch

Los Angeles Fire Department Cycle Team Profile by Bob Dunivin

Sunshine and Rowdy Golf:  Working the Phoenix Open by Ray Morris

Treating Travellers in the Terminal:  London Heathrow CRU Profile by Gerard Robinson

Two-Wheeling It: Bicycles Fill Important Niche by Kathryn Robyn and Marie Nordberg

What's a BikeTeam Worth:  The PR Value of an EMS Bike Team by Nick Gatlin

Wheeler Healers:  Fort Lauderdale Airport Bike Team Pilot by Dave Lindsay

You Look Sick:  Rolling Patient Assessment for Foot Races by Hans Erdman

Mountain Bike Search and Rescue [ back to top ]

IMBA Mountain Bike Search and Rescue Training Manual (PDF)

Larimer County Search and Rescue Mountain Bike Training by Robert Montoya