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29th Annual IPMBA Conference Product Exhibition | April 10-11, 2019

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Contact: David Cohen
Telephone:  781-248-5594
Email: david@geoo.com
Website: www.geoo.com
Product/Service:  Make your existing patrol bike ELECTRIC in 60 seconds with a patented GeoOrbital Electric Wheel!

ISM Saddles LLC
Contact: Laura Toll
Telephone: 813-909-1441
Email: laura@ismseat.com
Website: www.ismseat.com
Product/Service: ISM Bicycle Saddles: Changing the culture of cycling.

MOCEAN (proud sponsor of Instructor Shirts and Exhibitor Reception)
Contact: Bill Levitt
Telephone:  949-646-1701
Email: blevitt@moceantactical.com
Website: www.moceantactical.com
Product/Service:  Manufacturers of Bike Patrol and Technical Law Enforcement Uniforms

Police Bike Store 
Contact: Michael Espejo
Telephone:  973-366-5868
Email: info@policebikestore.com
Website: www.policebikestore.com
Product/Service:  Police Bicycles, Police Bike Lights, Sirens, Bags and Gloves

Volcanic Bicycles
Contact: Jennifer Kackley
Telephone: 509-427-8623
Email: jennifer@volcanicbikes.com
Website: www.volcanicbikes.com
Product/Service: Patrol bikes, including Fat Tire Bike, E Bike and Mountain bike, along with all accessories and riding gear.

Contact: Mark Leonard
Telephone:  501-517-5338
Email: lcginc@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.4bike-police.com
Product/Service:  Patrol bikes, duty gear, tactical radio accessories, uniforms, bags and helmets.

BLAC-RAC Manufacturing, Inc.
Contact: Kevin Pintar
Telephone:  208-855-9388
Email: kpintar@blac-rac.com
Website: www.blac-rac.com
Product/Service:  Revolutionary weapons mount for Bike Patrol units for all patrol purposes.

Haven Gear
Contact: Elyssa Ratliff
Telephone:  321-254-9569
Email: elyssa.ratliff@pelican-sales.com
Website: www.havengear.com
Product/Service:  Riot Equipment, Gear and Accessories. Protective Equipment

Pedego Electric Bikes Fort Worth
Contact: Vicki Peden
Telephone:  682-305-8304
Email: info@pedegofortworth.com
Website: www.pedegolelectricbikes.com/dealers/fort-worth/
Product/Service:  The Pedego Patroller e-Bike dramatically improves emergency response time and reduces officer fatigue.


R&B Fabrications


Fort Worth Police Bike Patrol Support Group

Premier Bike Adventures/The Shop

Primal Wear

Street Crimes Seminars



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