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29th Annual IPMBA Conference, April 8-13, 2019, Fort Worth, Texas

Call for Instructors and Workshop Proposals Form 

Please complete and return the Call for Instructors and Workshop Proposals Form by August 1, 2018.  Detailed instructions are included on the form.  Please read them carefully


IPMBA’s Annual Conference, the premier training event for public safety cyclists, attracts participants from around the country and the world.  Participants of all skill levels attend; some to learn basic skills, others to improve their existing skills, and yet others to master advanced skills.  They all have one thing in common – a desire stay on top of the latest developments in the field of public safety cycling.  

Target Audience

Most conference participants are law enforcement officers who patrol by bike on a full or part-time basis.  The rest are members of EMS bike teams, who mostly operate part-time or for special events only, and security officers who patrol a variety of settings.  The cycling experience of attendees ranges from novice to highly skilled.  Some serve in a supervisory/administrative capacity.

Most attendees seek to improve their bike handling skills and engage in mission-specific practical exercises.  Workshops designed to demonstrate ways bikes can be used to address common public safety problems and challenges are popular.  Innovative ideas based on current issues and emerging technologies/training methods are welcome and encouraged.  

Selection Procedure

A selection committee will review all resumes and workshop proposals that are prepared in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Call for Instructors and Workshop Proposals Form.  Selections will be made based on relevance of subject, clarity of presentation as reflected by the proposal outline, and presenter background and teaching experience.  The Selection Committee will evaluate proposals solely on the basis of the information provided.  If the Committee requires supplemental information or clarification, you will be contacted. 


Proposals are due by August 1, 2018.  You will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision by mid-September.  Please do not call IPMBA or the Education Director regarding the status of your proposal. 

Certification/Certificate Courses (April 8-10; April 8-11; April 8-12, 2019)

You MUST be an active IPMBA Instructor in good standing in order to apply to teach a course and meet any other course-specific instructor requirements.  

Conference Workshops (April 11-13, 2019)

IPMBA Instructors:  You may apply to be a “core” workshop presenter and/or submit a proposal for a workshop.  Workshop proposals are generally given preference.  If you are selected as a “core” workshop instructor, you will be assigned to assist other instructors when not teaching sessions you have submitted.  Be sure to indicate your areas of specialty on the form as well as your credentials.  Instructors teaching the Instructor and Maintenance Officer Courses will not be available to teach workshops on Thursday and Friday; those teaching the Police-EMS-Security Course will not be available to teach workshops on Thursday. 

Both workshop lead instructors and their co-instructors must submit proposal forms. 

Workshops will primarily be scheduled on Thursday, April 11, and Friday, April 12, with rides and instructor development sessions on Saturday, April 13.  Workshops can be 1.25 hours (classroom) or 3.75 hours (on-bike) in length.  All-day sessions (6.5 hours, not including lunch break of 1.25 hours) will also be considered.  On-bike sessions are generally more popular than classroom sessions.  We attempt to offer each workshop twice – once on Thursday and once on Friday.  Although every effort will be made to accommodate special circumstances, you must be able to present your workshop on the day(s) and time(s) assigned. 

Guest Presenters:  You are not required to be an IPMBA Instructor to submit a workshop proposal; proposals are accepted from guest presenters (typically subject matter experts outside of IPMBA) and the general membership.


As a nonprofit educational association, IPMBA does not provide monetary compensation to IPMBA Instructors or presenters. 

Registration Fees

Active IPMBA Instructors selected as course instructors, core workshop instructors, and workshop presenters will receive complimentary conference registration. 

Guest presenters are not required to pay the registration fee. 

Lodging, Travel, and Meals

Active IPMBA Instructors selected as conference instructors and/or workshop presenters will be eligible for lodging reimbursement (room & tax only) starting the day before their teaching assignments through and including the night of the last day they teach (e.g., an instructor whose assignment starts on Monday and ends on Wednesday will be eligible for lodging Sunday through Wednesday nights; one whose assignment starts on Thursday and ends on Friday will be eligible for lodging Wednesday through Friday nights).  No instructors will be eligible for lodging the night of Saturday, April 13.  Instructor-Trainers’ lodging the night before the IT In-Service will be eligible for reimbursement.

NOTE!  You are responsible for making your own lodging reservations, paying the charges and submitting a request for reimbursement, accompanied by a receipt, equal to the cost of 50% of the Hilton Downtown Fort Worth room rate ($169 per night plus 17% tax + $0.81 fee) for the covered period.  If you share a room with another IPMBA Instructor who is teaching at the conference, the party or parties who pays the charges will be eligible for reimbursement.  You are responsible for locating a roommate if you would like to share.     

Single-workshop lead presenters, co-presenters, and guest presenters are not eligible for complimentary lodging. 

All instructors and presenters are responsible for their own transportation costs (airfare, mileage, parking, etc.). 

Lunch will be provided Monday-Friday to those teaching; all other meals are your responsibility.  

Conference Workshop Handouts

Instructors may provide handout material to workshop attendees at their discretion.  It is recommended that handouts for distribution be submitted in advance for placement on the conference app.  Instructors who choose to distribute physical handouts are responsible for the duplication costs of all their handout material.


Presenters will be expected to: 

  • Submit any changes, deletions, additions, and/or presenter changes that occur between submission of this form and the event to IPMBA for approval.
  • Avoid commercialism and refrain from promoting and/or disparaging specific products and/or services, whether their own or someone else’s. 
  • Accept assignments as lead or co-presenter for workshops on an as-needed basis (core instructors only).
  • Accept assigned co-presenters as required to maintain an acceptable instructor/student ratio (for on-bike sessions).
  • Maintain high standards of professionalism and adhere to the IPMBA Instructor Code of Conduct (to be distributed upon confirmation.) 
  • Return requested paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Avoid incorporating any copyrighted material for which express permission has not been granted into presentations or handout material, including video and music. 
  • Notify IPMBA immediately if unable to attend and/or fulfill teaching obligations.


IPMBA is a non-profit educational organization providing resources, networking opportunities, and the best, most complete training for public safety bicyclists.  Each year, IPMBA offers the nation’s only conference and product exhibition designed exclusively for public safety cyclists.


Email IPMBA.

Call for Instructors and Workshop Proposals Form

Please complete and return the Call for Instructors and Workshop Proposals Form by August 1, 2018.  Detailed instructions are included on the form.  Please read them carefully.