RCMP Are Out Biking This Summer

By Derek Craddock, May 14, 2018, discoverairdie.com

This morning (May 14th), members of the Airdrie RCMP shared their plans this Spring and Summer for the RCMP’s Bike Patrol.

Cst. Erika McGrattan has been a part of the Bike Team for nearly 10 years and shares her favourite part.

“Working with kids. For them to see us in a very approachable way and be at the skate park with them and kind of see that they can talk to us and they’re comfortable when they do have an issue. Just so they know that we are regular human beings and sometimes there’s kids that are looking up to us, they want to be a police officer one day and it’s nice to chat with them.”

According to RCMP Cst. Dan Martin, the bike team will patrol the local parks and also be a part of school events and presentations.

But don’t worry, it’s still business as usual for the RCMP, even on the bikes.

“We’re still responding to police calls,” says McGrattan, “but we like to be out there checking the skate parks is kind of somewhere on a regular basis we go, regular trails, just so the community of Airdrie is feeling safe on a regular basis.”

The Police Bikes will be around the city for now until the weather changes back to cold in the fall.

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