Mission and Vision


The mission of the International Police Mountain Bike Association is to promote the use of bikes for public safety, provide resources and networking opportunities, and offer the best, most complete training for public safety cyclists.

IPMBA’s vision is that by developing comprehensive training programs, strengthening its instructor network, and embracing new technologies, it will continue to be the premier public safety cycling training organization and strive to incorporate the bicycle as an integral part of public safety service delivery.

IPMBA will achieve its vision by:

  • Making training resources and programs available to provide opportunities for excellence in public safety cycling and instruction.

  • Sustaining an environment that supports a membership of diverse public safety cycling professionals, affiliated agencies and industry partners.

  • Collaborating with other organizations that support the recruitment, retention and career development of public safety cyclists.

  • Attracting a diverse leadership and membership that is recognized for its collegiality, responsiveness and community spirit.

  • Promoting worldwide public and government understanding and appreciation of public safety cycling.

  • Using innovative techniques for publication and dissemination of training materials and interactive communication with and among its members.